Return Policy

We have a 7 day Refund Policy. This means that you have 7 days to contact us to refund your order.

In order to get your order refunded you will have to follow the steps provided down below:

  1. Please double check what you have ordered. If the order I sent you dose not match up with the order you placed, please proceed to step 2. (we are not responsible for you ordering the wrong product, or size).
  2. Please email Please provide us with your order number and a photo of your case and a description of the issue.
  3. Once we mail you back saying everything checks out, we will then proceed to refund you. (Please keep note that the refunding process takes about 24 hours).

Side Note: these steps are not mandatory. If we send you the wrong case, or size, you may keep it if you like)

Please note that while we do strive to offer cases that are both affordable and protective, we do not guarantee to prevent all damage to your device.

Have any more questions? feel free to contact us through the contact page of my website!


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